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Ways That You Can Employ To Ensure EMF Protection

Several cases of chronic and acute diseases are attributed to exposure to electromagnetic field. The medical profession still lacks the requisite specialized knowhow to address the issue of electrical sensitivities.

On a daily basis we are in contact with sources that give rise to this phenomenon. In order to minimize or eliminate the danger, this article outlines useful tips that you can take advantage of.

One of the areas that people have to deal with high emissions of EMF is the use of the personal computer. This is aggravated if you tend to take long periods on your computer.

When your computer is plugged in, higher levels of electromagnetic field are experienced At such times it is advisable that you avoid placing the machine on your thighs.

Using CRT kind of monitors on your computer or television displays is not recommended as it creates conducive environment for electromagnetic field pollution. A LCD monitor will be the recommended type since it has low emissions of EMF.

The power cables connected to your computer should be placed away from your feet and hands. It is essential that you take good care of the cords and the transformers connected to your machine by keeping them tidy.

Despite its popularity it is not recommended to have a Wi-Fi router in your home. Even when idle, it has been shown that the routers produce EMF radiation that pose a health risk.

What form of technology is present in your cordless phone is important to check before you buy the phone. Even when idle, the base stations of the mobile phones emit high emissions of EMF constantly if they are using a technology like the DECT.

It is recommended that you endeavor to keep the phone turned off when you are not using it. When purchasing a baby monitor, check that the technology is not used in the device.

Minimize the duration that you take on your cordless and wireless telephones. For children under 14 years discourage use of the mobile gadgets or allow for a very short time.

Health challenges have been attributed to the amount of EMF pollution that comes from the cellular phones. Like the cell phones the cordless models employ the use of EMF to facilitate communication.

Avoid the use of electrical items in your sleeping area or keep them unplugged if they are not being used. The functionality of melatonin that is essential for proper sleep, is highly impeded by emissions of electromagnetic field.

It has been proven of the vital role some kinds of plants grown inside the house play in combating in dissolving EMF emissions. Your local home depot will be the suitable place to source some of the useful plants.

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