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Cannabis Cultivation-The Best Soil for the Growth of Marijuana

When it comes to the growing of cannabis, one of the most important things to consider is the choice of the right soil for the germination and seedlings of the plant but this as well, remains one area where we often go all wrong. In this post, we will take a look at some of the essential features and characteristics that your soil must possess so as to ensure that you maximize on your yield out of the growing of cannabis.

The following are some of the kinds of soils that will be perfect for the planting of cannabis plants-Rockwool, coco fiber and the soilless mediums. These soil types actually have the right elements that the cannabis plants seedlings require so as to thrive. However, so as to have the right levels of THC that you need for your cannabis produce, these plants will require more nutrients. This as such explains the reasons as to why you will have to transfer the strains into another soil that will provide them with the nutrients that they need for maximum productivity. Read on and see now some of the characteristics that mark the best soil for the growing of cannabis.

The pH for the soil is one of the things that you will need to look into as you settle for the soil type that will be best for the growing of cannabis. The ideal range for the soil pH is between the values, 5.5 and 6.5. If at all the values in pH go any low or up beyond these limits, the plants will have difficulty getting the nutrients that they need. As such you will need to ensure that the soil that you will be planting will be of the right balance in pH. Failure to do this, you are bound to see your strains die.

Choosing the right soil for the growing of pot strains will as well call on you to look into the nutritional components of the soil. When you will be choosing the right soil for pot strains, think of getting those that are marked as “lightweight” or “light formula”. Bear in mind the fact that seedlings are often so sensitive and they as well have stored enough energy to allow them shoot. Certainly when you have provided your cannabis strains with the ideal amount of nutrition, you will be best assured of getting the most yields out of the cannabis produce at the end.

Looking at the other factor that is of essence when it comes to the need to healthily grow cannabis strains is that of drainage. These strains of the marijuana plant will as well require a regulated supply of water so as to ensure that they as well grow as healthily and as such have a bountiful harvest of the cannabis plants.

Talking of hydroponics, this is basically a Latin term that refers to “water work”.

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