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A guide to Dealing with 4 Month Sleep Regression.

When a toddler who has been sleeping well suddenly changes the sleeping habits, it is usually referred to as sleep regression. During the regression, the baby may resist to sleep, wakes up many times and after a short while, or take a longer time to fall asleep. Sleep regression mostly occur when the bay is around 3 or 4 months, and might still re-occur at 9 months, or when the baby hits a year and a half old. We discuss some causes of 4 month sleep regression as well as ways of lessening the effects.

Toddlers at the age of 4 to 6 months starts taking note of the surroundings and people around them. The baby may get fascinated and in the mood for plays and laughs during the day, taking most of his nap time. The plays and exploration moments pushes the sleeping schedule ahead.

The a caregiver should engage the toddler with plays at the convenient time that will not affect the sleeping schedule. Have a bath and massage before sleeping so that the toddler can relax and sleep well.

Change of feeding schedule can also lead to 4 month regression. Earlier than usual feeding may make the toddler wake up severally due to hunger. The feeding schedule should be maintained to avoid sleep regression.

Another cause is change of diet. At that age, the toddler is not used to several type of foods. Actually, most toddlers at age 4 to 6 months are on exclusive breastfeeding or formula milk. A 6 months old sleeping schedule will be interfered with when the formula or breast milk is changed. To curb the problem, change the diet on daytime or early morning, to be able to monitor the toddler.

When a baby get affected by change of weather from travelling, sleeping habit will also be affected. The weather change makes the toddler not to sleep well at night, and hardly naps during the day. Sleep regression can also be caused by conditions resulting from change of weather such as a cold or flu. If possible, try not to travel with the toddler especially in cold weather so as to minimize the occurrence of sleep regression. Keep the baby warm and carry with you the right clothing for the current weather.

Create a sleeping schedule to follow when the toddler is preparing to sleep. Start with an early meal, then a warm bath, followed by a time to read the baby a story before the toddler sleep.

In conclusion, there are several ways of dealing with a 4 month sleep regression. Remember that toddlers are different, and what works for one baby might not work on your baby too.

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